Zeros And Ones Robotics/Bobcat Robotics

Founder & Captain

  • Primary pillar in design, programming, and business.
  • Developed various algorithms for Machine Learning, Computer Vision,Robotics, and AI.
  • Planned outreach programs to raise interest in robotics and STEM
  • Raised more than $1000 in sponsorship
  • Presented various presentations to represent the team’s design and outreach

Prequel Fellowship


I am a fellow at a prestigious Fellowship program, a hands-on virtual fellowship that empowers and prepares students for life beyond the classroom. Through this fellowship, I’ve worked and collaborated with industry professionals and successful entrepreneurs at top companies such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Meta, TikTok, and Amazon. With such an experience, I’ve learned to become a real-world leader who can deal with complex technical obstacles while also leading large projects. 

Varsity Tennis


Played varsity tennis for the past four years. Won more than 75% of matches in all matches played. As a captain, I am a leader on and off the court as I conduct team practices while also making key decisions for lineups when necessary. I also started a booster club to help the team get more court time during the winter



  • Managed club finances and organized fundraisers
  • Gave presentations and taught about Stock Trading for Stock Market Game
  • Connected with professionals in the community to help expand the club’s business knowledge
  • Participated in all State and National Conferences

Computer Science Club

Founder & President

• Led and organized team meetings
• Taught students Python, Java, and JavaScript
• Prepped club members for hackathons and competitions • Participated in hackathons and competitions
• Planned outreach for girls in STEM
• Helped students develop their own websites and projects